Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Treasure Hunt

Chances are that you've already seen this, since most of us circle the same blogs. But in case you haven't Aaron Polson, from The Other Aaron, was tagged by Cate Gardner from The Poisoned Apple, and he tagged everyone. That's one way to get a chain letter rolling, lol. Though it's more like a treasure hunt. Anyway, the rules of the meme are:

From the biggest bookcase you have, pick out one book whose author’s last name starts with each letter of your last name. If you have no books by an author whose last name starts with a particular letter, go to the next letter. If you have two of the same letter in your last name, get two separate authors, not two books by the same author. Bonus: If you can, pick the first book you haven’t read off your shelf, unless you’re one of those people who’s read all the books you own.

- Post the first sentence of each book, along with the author and title. Feel free to skip prefaces and such, especially if they’re by a different writer.


H: "It was cold in the rough little hut." Linda Howard, All The Queen's Men. (Good book, good author.)

E: "Now before the Beginning, there was no Time, and all was Chaos and Darkness." David and Leigh Eddings, The Redemption of Althalus. (Never read it, should though...)

D: "How beautiful were the death dogs!" Wayland Drew, Willow (based on a screenplay by Bob Dolman and story by George Lucas). (Love the movie. Only "D" author on my shelf...)

G: "I woke three times in the dark predawn." Diana Gabaldon, Dragonfly in Amber. (This is the sequel to Outlander. I think I loaned Outlander out, pity, it's one of the best books I've ever read. This one's pretty good, too. Solid author.)

E: "There was death at its beginning as there would be death again at its end." Nicholas Evans, The Horse Whisperer. (Good book, much better than the movie.)

S: "A few miles south of Soledad, the Salinas River drops in close to the hillside bank and runs deep and green." John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men. (Great story, great author.)

So that's my name in books, lol. As Aaron said, "So I tag everyone. On the planet. Dooooo it!" Lol. Well, you heard (read?) the man. Get to it.


  1. Pretty cool. I actually missed that post; haven't been to Aaron's in a few days I guess.

  2. Yeah, I thought it was a good idea. I think it's his current post...

  3. Hey, no offense intended. I only pointed it out in what I hoped was a friendly way. Definitely not supposed to be a lecture.


  4. Don't apologize. I'm not mad. But I am an adult and I do prickle at anyone telling me what to do. Besides, I'm not stupid. I know that viruses could be sent or whatever.

    I don't open emails from people who I'm not familiar with, that's what the subject line is for, lol.

    I admit that I am a very candid person. This is my real name. And I am fairly trusting, which is probably naive.

    I took the risk because I do want to be an author or artist and you have to be visible in those markets. You have to promote yourself as much as you promote your work. I learned that from galleries.

    You didn't have to delete your post. I'm not ashamed by anything I wrote, but I'll delete my posts if you like. I'd hate to see you pull that story because it really was good.

    I thought you liked my naughtiness, I mean you did participate, you know. Though the Roman thing was pushing it, but I was just teasing you... ;p

    So what's it be, "Anton?" Am I banned from your blog? Or do we have great make-up text? Lol. ;)

  5. Okey dokey, glad I hadn't upset you, but I'm still sorry for the misunderstanding.

    You're always welcome to comment on my blog. You'll just have to find the new one first. :-p

  6. You're kidding right? You quit your blog? But people like you. I mean...it's so strange for you to do this.

    Won't you reconsider? You're a good writer. Why not keep it up?

  7. Now, am I gonna have to break up another fight between you kids, and send you to your rooms?

  8. It was getting to be a real chore for me. Our "conversations" on there were the most fun I was having. So you can see how little fun it was. ;-)

    It felt like a job. I almost quit in July.

  9. And of course my conversations with Alan were the second most fun.

  10. Oh Alan, I didn't see you there. How embarrassing for me.

  11. I would think it isn't embarrassing for you at all, considering "Anton" is apparently a cyber creation.

    Our conversations weren't much fun, huh? Pity, I got a kick out of them and you, well, whoever "you" is. But then, I'm easily entertained.

    Even so, I'll be sad to see you go. It's unfortunate. Guess I'll take the Black Dogs link off of my blog. No sense in touting something that is no more... :(

    Hey Alan, thanks for following my blog. :)

  12. "Our conversations weren't much fun, huh?"

    That was sarcasm , of course I enjoy our chats.

  13. Good. I'd hate to have to "bean" you, lol. ;p

  14. Will you share your next incarnation with us or is this it?

  15. I'm not dead!

    ..or am I?...

    No, I'm not.

    ..or am I?...

    I'm still here, for now. I'm not blogging is all. And even then, if I do ever write anything I'll stick it over on my reading room, though I've disabled the comments there because I think I went a little too far down the road of wanting attention for the sake of it. My Google Analytics chart was starting to haunt me in my sleep.

  16. How did you go too far?

    Okay. I was just curious.