Saturday, September 12, 2009

Henry Rollins On Dating

Because I've developed an infatuation with muscle bound short haired(to bald)men I decided to post this freaking hilarious clip. Enjoy. ;)


  1. I bought Rollin's Boxed Life the day it came out in the UK. Listened to the first CD and never listened to the second. To this day I haven't listened to the second CD.

    It's like Ray Bradbury short stories. I'm saving it until I need to be elevated.

    I may have a man-crush on Rollins.

    "But I have really refined my jack-off technique"


    Black flag, meh. Rollins Band, maybe one good album. Henry Rollins... priceless.

  2. BTW, who's the muscle bound dude you're infatuated with?

    I'm jealous.

  3. "BTW, who's the muscle bound dude you're infatuated with?"

    Wouldn't you like to know?

    I love Rollins. He's hawt!

    And smart and funny...yup. I wasn't as into his music either. But his letters, OMG, lol. He's ate up.