Friday, September 18, 2009

Through The Silence

Little girl runs and plays
Sing-song melodies
Flowers in her hair
Flowers everywhere

Precious child, free
Innocence lost
At barely three
A tragedy

Little girl dies
Gives way to something worse
A broken girl
A fragile, angry thing

Too much pain to bear
Too alone to feel the sun
Too lost to find her voice
Just a broken empty thing

Finding lust in a teenage boy
Finding warmth in a player’s smile
Broken heart and bloody tears
Just a shell, nothing more

Zombie girl, start walking
Learn to laugh, to play for the masses
Beautiful fraud
Scared liar

Sing into the silence
Paint your joker’s smile
Twirl in cascades of blackened roses

Bride of death
Bitch of hate
Put down the blade
It’s not worth dying for

Stumble forward little broken girl
Trudge through the silence
Kiss the darkness
Turn away from all you know

Fall before your God
Unworthy sinner
Fall and plead and cry
May mercy save you

Pick up the pieces of the dream
The long forgotten one
It’s been a journey, darling
Sweet girl with the broken smile

A long walk through the stillness
The echoing tattoo of your heart
Burning in your mother’s breast
Rock the baby boy

That’s what mothers do
Sing to chase away the demons
Keep him safe and strong
Hold back the baying hounds of hell

Someday the nightmares will cease
Smile through the tears
Tweak his perfect nose
Smile through the silence

Stupid woman
Standing on the ledge
Come back and play your part
Be the mother

Be the saint, the sinner, the whore
What was the dream again?
Was it death or something more?
The silence calls, old friend

So easy to laugh and fawn
No one sees the dead eyes
So easy to fool them all
When no one looks too closely

In the wee hours…
Dance with outstretched arms
Tilt your face to the moon

Twirl and spin
Echoes of the child within
Leap and soar
Knowing you could have been more

Smile with peace
As loneliness sets in
Truth of day
Burns beneath the sun

Curtsy and bid him adieu
The boy was never meant for you
Mistakes uneasily righted
Wrongs twisting thorns in your side

Kiss your babies goodnight
Push away the truth of failure
The decisions made by another girl
A girl no longer part of you

Take a deep breath and push away the fear
Walk through the silence
Past the shadows of yesteryear
Toward the sun shining bright

Embrace the woman yet to come
The woman you have fought to be
And smile, all the way to your eyes
Smile, all the way to your soul

Just smile
Not walking through the silence anymore
Just smile
And listen to the music all around you


*** My apologies for the insanely long poem, but at least it isn't about Anton. Or is it? Lol. ;)


  1. That's one of the most powerful things I've ever seen you put words to Kat.

    Beautifully composed.

    Mr. M.

  2. Thank you Mr. M!

    Chairman of the Bored? Cute, so funny, lol.


  3. Am I the little girl?

  4. I told you already... You're the sun.