Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I tried to pin a butterfly
I jammed the needle in
And plucked its wings

I watched its fuzzy face fall
To say I felt remorse
Would be ridiculous

I tried to tame a tiger
Locked him in his cage
And poked him with a stick

I watched his furry face fall
And cried all night
When he lost his growl

I tried to charm a snake
I coiled him in a basket
And played my siren’s tune

I watched his scaly face fall
As he swayed without a thought
And mourned the loss of his free will

I tried to make you mine, love
I wrapped you up in sugared kisses
And pulled you down so deep in me

I watched your darling face fall
As you saw the truth of me
I mourn your absence most of all

***An old poem about an old boyfriend. This is a, "I don't know what to post" post, lol.

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