Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Quickie

She was a pretty little thing
A lovely who liked to sing
A stranger in this land
Too young for her husband

He’d loved her from afar
Pining in stoic silence
Until now, beneath the star
This secret alliance

“Hurry,” she pleads
Just seconds to sow the seeds
The guards are making their rounds
A quickie, else they’re found

He reaches for her dress
Fingers fumbling, he dreams of breasts
Foiled by her squirming and cries
A mile of string until paradise

At last! Her dress tumbles down
But then…what’s this?
Knickers and corset, he frowns
“What?!” She hisses

He renews his task with vigor
“Leave the corset alone”
“Why?” He asks in wonder
“Because,” she moans

“It holds up my breasts—
“It holds up your breasts?”
“Yesss! Oh I wish you would just—
Hurry or my husband will catch us!”

Now he’s determined and draws out his blade
“Praise Jesus,” she whispers, ready to be made
He cuts off the corset and rips off her knickers
“Oh” he says, stunned, turning away as he snickers

Her breasts sag down to her knees
His erection shrinks in the breeze
A parody on her slight frame
She tries to reignite the game

“Sorry my dear”
He says with a sneer
As he balls up her clothes
“It’s not worth all the woes.”


  1. Nothing wrong with spaniel's ears.

    Loved it!

  2. "Nothing wrong with spaniel's ears."

    Wouldn't know. I don't have that problem. But my great-grandma did. She could throw them over her shoulder, lol. But she was 90 and who the hell cares about what your breasts look like when your 90? She passed away two years ago...a great lady.

    "Loved it!"

    Awe, you say the sweetest things. ;)

    Where's Zack? I hear you both hail from Fern...Gully, lol.

  3. That's the closest I'll ever get to's too hard. Like trying to think with someone else's brain. Creepy.

  4. I think you're funny!

    Just in a "laughing at you", not "laughing with you", kind of a way. :-p

  5. "I don't have that problem."


  6. Oh Anton. You know just how to woo a girl. No flowers or sweet-nothings, insults and sarcasm.

    So endearing. Be still, my beating heart. Lol.

    Zack, sorry, darlin' but if I put up pics like that it would wreck your little world. Now how could I do that to a stranger, in good conscience, I ask you? ;p

  7. Kat:

    Talk about a big let down ... blargh.


    “Sorry my dear,”
    He says with a sneer
    As he balls up her clothes
    “but they cover your toes.”

  8. Wow. That's some seriously saggy boobage.

    :O Lol.

    Not sure it's believable since I said earlier that they went down to her knees...

  9. Yes, but by the end of the poem things had gotten much worse. Gravity sucks.

  10. And she might have saggy knees!

  11. OMG. I should take the image down. I feel horrible for besmirching some random woman's good name ... and breast firmness.

    It was just an innocent poem. Purely for pleasure's sake. I can't imagine what went wrong. :(

    Lmao! You guys are terrible. Your spouses or significant others have my sincerest sympathies. Cads. ;p