Monday, September 14, 2009

Gushy Crap...I've Lost My Edge :(

I wanna be your woman
And hold you close

Run my hands along your body
Rest your head on my chest

Take your pain and steal it away
Sheath yourself in me

I wanna be your clown
Trace the lines around your mouth

Make you laugh and reach for me
A game of hide and seek

I wanna be your friend
Keep your secrets safe in me

Share your woes, your joys
Wrap you in warmth

And offer you sleep.


  1. Kat, some of these poems almost feel like song lyrics.

  2. Is that a good thing? Lol.

    I used to sing. I wanted to be a singer and wrote tons of song lyrics...maybe that's it?

  3. It's Anton's fault. I don't know what the hell happened the last time he subjected me to his pagan crap. But I haven't been right since.


    Thanks Akasha. :)

  4. Are you complaining?

    See if I dance in blood with you again.


    What'd you do to me anyway?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. "What'd you do to me anyway?"

    Nothing you didn't want done.

  7. No fair! What did you remove?

    "Nothing you didn't want done."

    Ssh! You promised you wouldn't tell.